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380 East Berlin Road, York Pennsylvania 17408 | Phone 717-792-3505 | Fax 717-792-4374

Fire & Emergency

Become Our Hero…

People often inquire of Firefighters.  “Why do you want to do this?” The answer to this question is as individual as the Firefighter providing the answer.  In fact, the reasons that we are Firefighters will usually change as we mature and our relationship with the service changes.  But one thing we do know is; being a volunteer emergency responder is about one thing.  It’s not what you look like, what degree you have, or where you come from.  It’s about heart.

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Local Fire Departments

 Visit West Manchester Township Fire Companies Website

WMTFD Headquarters

Chief Clifton Laughman
Deputy Chief David Markle
380 East Berlin Rd York, PA 17408
(717) 792-3505

Lincolnway Fire Company

District Chief Roy Gentzler
300 East Berlin Rd York, PA 17408
(717) 792-0116

Shiloh Fire Company

District Chief Robert Sells
2190 Carlisle Rd York, PA 17408
(717) 764-3920