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Public Works

Leaf Collection

Beginning the week of October 24th and continuing through December 16th West Manchester Township will be collecting leaves.  Residents have two options this year.  The traditional curbside method using the leaf vacuum; or bagging their leaves for yard waste pickup (via Penn Waste on scheduled Saturdays, see newsletter for calendar).  If you choose to bag your leaves, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • No stones, branches, brush, grass clippings, or trash of any kind can be in the bags with the leaves.  If anything other than leaves is in the bag with the leaves, the bag will not be collected.
  • Must be biodegradable bags or a container that can be  emptied.
  • Please bring your biodegradable leaf bags or containers to the curb by 6:00am on the brush collection dates.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the West Manchester Township office, at 792-3505.

Snow Removal

After a storm, the Township plows streets from curb to curb. You may want to schedule snow shoveling with this in mind. Please park cars in driveways during snowstorms. Township ordinance requires that sidewalks be cleared no later than eight (8) hours after the last snowfall.

Mailbox Damage

Beginning November 14, 2011, West Manchester Township will discontinue reimbursing residents for damage to their mailboxes during the winter months. Mailboxes are normally placed within the Township’s legal right‐of‐way; however, mailbox damage is the responsibility of the property owner.

The following tips will help to reduce the risk of mailbox damage;

  • Place a 6 to 8 inch piece of reflective tape on the mailbox to help snow plow operators see it at night.
  • Remove snow from around the mailbox, but never throw it back onto the road.
  • If the mailbox is located within the legal right‐of‐way and damage was experienced in the past, homeowners may want to consider re-positioning the mailbox before winter.

Sewer Tips

  1. Never put grease down the drain.
  2. Never flush anything other than toilet paper down the drain, even if it says the item is flushable.  It may very well collect and clog your system; this includes sanitary napkins and wet wipes.

Road Construction Tips

Please be cautious and slow down around work areas.  Our guys want to go home at the end of their shift to their families.

Annual Water Quality Report – Shiloh Water System