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380 East Berlin Road, York Pennsylvania 17408 | Phone 717-792-3505 | Fax 717-792-4374

Finance & Tax Collection

The West Manchester Township Department of Finance oversees the Township’s financial operations.

The department maintains the general accounting system for the township government and each of its departments. The finance department is responsible for timely quarterly billing for sewer and trash collections. It is responsible for the disbursement of all monies and controls all expenditures to ensure that budget appropriations are not exceeded.

Additional duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Assists Board of Supervisors and the Township Manager with compiling information for preparing the annual budget
  • Coordinate internal and external audits of Township funds
  • Provides the Board of Supervisors with monthly disbursements and receipts
  • Provides the Board of Supervisors regular reports for sewer and trash collections
  • Prepares annual/semi annual financial statements and reports for the Board of Supervisors
  • Develops financial policies for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors
  • Safeguards the Township’s financial interests and investments to the fullest extent

Budget / Audits / Act 44 Disclosure

Tax Forms and Ordinances

Tax forms now can be accessed from:
York Adams Tax Bureau
1405 N. Duke Street ~ P.O. Box 15627 ~ York PA 17405-0156
Phone:(717)845-1584 ~ Fax:(717)854-6376

They are now the collectors of our Business Privilege,  Mercantile and Local Services Tax.

Business and Mercantile Tax

Business privilege and Mercantile Taxes are due on April 15. The tax is computed on gross x .0015 for retail, and .0010 for wholesale.

Questions concerning these taxes can be directed to the York Adams Tax Bureau. The York Adams Tax Bureau has become our Business Privilege/Mercantile, Local Services Tax collector. The Bureau started collecting our taxes in April 2003. You may call 717-845-1584 Option 2, at the York Adams Tax Bureau for questions concerning your taxes.

Local Services Tax Ordinance