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380 East Berlin Road, York Pennsylvania 17408 | Phone 717-792-3505 | Fax 717-792-4374

Administration Directory

West Manchester Township personnel can be reached by dialing (717) 792-3505

Department Heads

Kelly K. Kelch  Township Manager | Email Kelly
Lori Trimmer Parks and Recreation Director | Email Lori
John C. Snyder Police Chief | Email John
Steve Callahan Public Works Director | Email Steve
Keith Whittaker Finance Director | Email Keith
Clifton Laughman Fire Chief | Email Clifton
Rachelle Sampere Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer | Email Rachelle

Office Staff

Brenda L. Brown Receptionist
Michele Emenheiser Bookkeeper
Alison Keiser Police-Office Assistant
Beth Jacobs Police-Office Manager
Donna J. Hollerbush Office Assistant
Loretta M. Huggins Police-Office Assistant
Deborah Ide Sewer/Trash Billing
Trish Smeltzer Administrative Assistant
Kristi Swartz Assistant Recreation Director
Zane Williams Stormwater Inspector/MS4 Coordinator

Highway Department Staff

Kim J. Wilkins Highway Foreman
Dennis Emenheiser Jr. Highway Operator
Jay Sutton Highway Operator
Matthew Fisher Highway Operator
Richard Shaw Highway Operator
Dave F. Wire Highway Operator

TBD  Sewer Foreman

Matthew Miller Sewer Department Operator

Joseph Piro Sewer Department Operator

Mike Swartz Highway Operator & Parks Land Management