West Manchester Township is seeking proposals for an investment manager, advisor, and third-party administrator relative to its 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. The Request for Proposal (“RFP”) including specifications, procedures to compete for the work and required disclosures, are available by contacting Keith Whittaker at West Manchester Township (717-792-3505) or emailing:

The specifications are set forth in the RFP and include detailed questions associated with qualifications, experience, expertise, and compensation to be charged.  In order to compete for the work, a response to the RFP must be provided in accordance with the RFP on or before October 11, 2023, before 4:30 pm.  As set forth in the RFP, the response must include several required disclosures including a completed Disclosure Statement.  The municipality reserves the right to request additional information from any or all respondents, to waive any defect or abnormality, to award or not award all or any portion of the described work, to issue modifications or to otherwise move forward in the best interest of the municipality.