West Manchester Township Continues to Show Support for Small Businesses

On Thursday, May 28th, the West Manchester Township Board of Supervisors continued to show its support for small businesses by passing Resolution 20-17.  This resolution supports and advocates for the fair, consistent and expeditious reopening of all businesses and encourages the Governor to permit the reopening of all businesses in a safe and effective manner.  At this same meeting, the Board also thanked all business owners and employees of Township businesses for their dedication and commitment to the safety and health of the entire community during this unprecedented time.  This action was just another step taken by the Board in supporting local businesses and residents during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  Earlier this year, the Board took several actions to provide tax relief measures to both businesses and individuals.  The West Manchester Township Board of Supervisors is committed to investigating all methods to provide additional relief, in any form, to our residents and businesses.