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380 East Berlin Road, York Pennsylvania 17408 | Phone 717-792-3505 | Fax 717-792-4374

Administration Directory

West Manchester Township personnel can be reached by dialing (717) 792-3505

Department Heads

Kelly K. Kelch  Township Manager | Email Kelly
Lori Trimmer Asst. Township Manager/Parks and Recreation Director | Email Lori
Arthur D. Smith, Jr. Police Chief | Email Arthur
Steve Callahan Public Works Director | Email Steve
Keith Whittaker Finance Director | Email Keith
Clifton Laughman Fire Chief | Email Clifton
Monica Love Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer | Email Monica

Office Staff

Brenda L. Brown Receptionist
Michele Emenheiser Bookkeeper
Alison Keiser Police-Office Assistant
Beth Jacobs Police-Office Manager
Donna J. Hollerbush Office Assistant
Loretta M. Huggins Police-Office Assistant
Deborah Ide Sewer/Trash Billing
Trish Smeltzer Administrative Assistant
Kristi Swartz Assistant Recreation Director
Zane Williams Stormwater Inspector/MS4 Coordinator

Highway Department Staff

Highway Foreman
Kim J. Wilkins Sewer Foreman
Dennis Emenheiser Jr. Highway Operator
Jay Sutton Highway Operator
Michael Landsman Sewer Department Operator
Carl Ramskow Highway Operator & Parks Land Management
Matthew Miller Sewer Department Operator
Matthew Fisher Highway Operator
Richard Shaw Highway Operator
Dave F. Wire Highway Operator