IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tentative Settlement with PA American Water

The Townships of West Manchester, Manchester, York, Spring Garden and the Borough of North York have tentatively reached a settlement with PA American Water over the sale of the York City wastewater treatment plant, to which all five municipalities connect and send wastewater. The agreement is tentative at this point, and the West Manchester Board of Supervisors anticipates holding a public meeting prior to ​taking any official action. The Township will release the details of the settlement as soon as it is able under the terms of the agreement.

Since the beginning, the focus of West Manchester and the other members of the York Area Regional Sewer Authority has been steadfast to act in the best interest of our ratepayers by delivering long-term and predictable fair rates.  Our West Manchester Township leadership was placed in a difficult situation when the City of York made their decision to sell the wastewater treatment plant.  While nobody wants increased sewer rates, our leadership has worked extremely hard to negotiate what we feel is the best possible long-term outcome for our residents. After intense negotiations, we are pleased to announce we have reached a settlement in principle that has fulfilled our goals, including:

  • Following an initial rate increase, a three-year rate freeze for our ratepayers;
  • • 40-year rate certainty, with fair rate increases based on the Consumer Price Index, after the initial freeze;
  • Ability to seek alternative and potentially less expensive treatment options if the PUC changes our contractual rate; and
  • A professional and competent operator who will bill correctly.

The members of the York Area Regional Sewer Authority look forward to beginning to build a mutually beneficial relationship with PA American Water moving forward and appreciate everyone who has participated in and supported this effort since the beginning.