The West Manchester Township Planning Commission will meet in person on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

All interested parties are invited to attend. Persons with disabilities may contact the Township office at (717)792-3505 to discuss how best to accommodate your needs.

The meeting will continue to be live streamed on the West Manchester Township Parks and Recreation Facebook page.  Questions will not be taken live via the Facebook platform at the meeting, but individuals may still ask questions in-person or submit questions by noon on Monday, April 11, 2022 via email to to be answered at the Planning Commission meeting.

Interested parties may  view the Planning Commission’s meeting agenda by clicking on the Boards & Committees tab on the Township’s website.

Due to the designation of York County as a community of “low-risk” for the transmission of COVID-19, West Manchester Township, in accordance with CDC guidelines, will lift its mask mandate for all public meetings immediately and recommends that individuals make their decision to wear a mask based on their personal preference, informed by their personal level of risk.

We appreciate all of our residents and visitors who helped us address the continuing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic as we move forward toward a brighter tomorrow.

Agenda Items include:

ZHB 22-08 – Steven Stoltzfus – requests a variance §150-30.B to exceed the maximum allowable height of 15 feet for an accessory structure (pool cabana) the request is for a maximum height of 17 feet 1 inch located at 2385 Taxville Road (Tax Map:  IG; Parcel:  0008) in the Rural Residential Zone.

ZHB Case 22-09 – Roll R Way Rinks Inc, dba Mr. Q’s – requests a variance §150-291 to restore a nonconforming use (Commercial Recreation Facility – roller skating rink) with various dimensional nonconformities destroyed by more than 75% of the fair market value to be rebuilt on the property on the same building footprint ; variance §150-83 Permitted Uses; variance §150-89 Minimum Required Setbacks; variance §150-95 Maximum Lot Coverage; §150-97 Required Screening; variance §150-98 Required Landscape Strip; and §150-99 Dumpster Location located at 85 N. Fayette Street (Tax Map: 05; Parcel:  0163) in the Local Commercial Zone.