The West Manchester Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet in-person on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. at the West Manchester Township Building located at 380 East Berlin Road, York, PA  17408 to hear the following applications:

CONTINUED ZHB 22-15 – Chesapeake Plumbing & Heating, Inc. – requests a special exception §150-290 to substitute one nonconforming use (auto parts store/warehouse) with another nonconforming use (Chesapeake Plumbing & Heating, Inc. office, warehouse/flex space); special exception §150-289.A to expand the existing nonconformity (commercial parking lot) in a residential zone; variance §150-289.A.2 to expand the existing nonconforming parking lot coverage from 35% to 50% by expanding the parking lot 11,542 sq. ft. increasing the overall lot coverage from 51% to 66% located at 3108 West Market Street Unit 3142 (Tax Map:  20; Parcel: 0114) in the R-3 Residential Zone.  Continued to the August 23, 2022 public meeting at the request of the Applicant.

ZHB 22-19 – Codorun Farms, Inc. – requests an interpretation §150-363.A Permits and §150-229.A Fences and in the alternative a variance of  §150-363.A Permits and §150-229.A Fences to allow stone pillars as part of a fence and gate to exceed the maximum height of an agricultural/livestock fence located at 3 Hokes Mill Road (Tax Map:  HH; Parcel:  0033) in the Rural Residential Zone and Agricultural Zone.  Continued to the August 23, 2022 public meeting at the request of the Applicant.

ZHB 22-21 – Bradley W. Snyder – requests a special exception §150-289 to alter and expand an existing nonconformity (single family detached dwelling unit with detached garage) to construct a two-story addition on the dwelling (for a commercial business – art/tattoo studio on the first-floor w/ second story storage on the second-floor)and to construct an ADA accessible restroom on the detached garage located at 4090 West Market Street (Tax Map:  14; Parcel:  0052) in the Local Commercial Zone.

ZHB 22-22 – Target Corporation – requests a variance §150-283.B Permitted Permanent Sign Chart P-9D Attached Signs for Individual Uses within a shopping center; a variance §150-283.B Permitted Permanent Sign Chart P-5 for On-Site Directional Signs; and a variance §150-262 Schedule of Required Parking Spaces located at 2251 York Crossing Drive (Tax Map:  JH; Parcel:  0056N0C0001) in the Regional Commercial Zone.

ZHB 22-23 – Shiloh Village, LLC – requests a special exception §150-290 to substitute a nonconforming use with another nonconforming use (fitness center in an existing nonconforming shopping center) located at 2323 Carlisle Road (Tax Map:  11; Parcel:  0049) in the Local Commercial Zone.

ZHB 22-24 – 3625 Mia Brae, LP c/o Glenn Rexroth – requests a variance §150-195.1 Multiple Permitted Uses to allow two proposed principal buildings and uses on one lot; variance §150-197 Off-Street Loading to allow a loading space to be on the side of a building that faces a public street located at North Zarfoss Drive (Tax Map:  ig; Parcel:  0058B) in the I-3 General Industrial Zone.

All interested parties are invited to attend.  Persons with disabilities may contact the Township office at (717)792-3505 to discuss how to best accommodate your needs.

Thank you.
Rachelle Sampere
Zoning Officer