The West Manchester Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet in-person on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at the West Manchester Township Municipal Building located at 380 East Berlin Road, York, PA  17408 to hear the following applications:

ZHB 23-07 – GN Realty Market, LLC – requests a variance §150-83.B Permitted Uses to allow a drive-through or fast-food restaurant and a variance §150-324.F to allow a drive-through or fast-foot restaurant property to be located within 200 feet of a residential zone located at 4200 West Market Street (Tax Map:  14; Parcel:  0062) in the Local Commercial Zone.

ZHB 23-08 – BLM Construction & Remodeling, LLC – requests a variance §150-291 to restore a nonconforming building with various dimensional nonconformities destroyed by more than 75% of the fair market value to be rebuilt on the property on the same building footprint; variance §150-89 Minimum Required Setbacks; variance §150-95 Maximum Lot Coverage; variance §150-97 Required Screening; variance §150-98 Required Landscape Strip; variance §150-257 Required Landscape Strip; and variance §150-99 Dumpster Location located at 85 N. Fayette Street (Tax Map:  05; Parcel:  0163) in the Local Commercial Zone.

All interested parties are invited to attend.  Persons with disabilities may contact the Township office at (717)792-3505 to discuss how to best accommodate your needs.

Thank you.

\s\ Rachelle Sampere
Zoning Officer