The West Manchester Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet in-person on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at the West Manchester Township Municipal Building located at 380 East Berlin Road, York, PA  17408 to hear the following applications:

ZHB 23-19 – Karl Welkner – requests a variance §150-47.B.3 to reduce the minimum required rear yard setback from 10 feet to a requested 3 feet located at 2577 Broad Street (Tax Map:  13; Parcel:  0088) in the R-2 Residential Zone.

ZHB 23-14 – UPMC Pinnacle Memorial – requests the Zoning Hearing Board’s decision be extended to provide for recording of  the subdivision plan until September 27, 2024 (one year from the date of written decision) in reference to the granted variance §150-116.4.A for the subject property to contain less than the minimum area of 100 acres under the ownership of a single entity located at 1701 Innovation Drive (Tax Map:  JH; Parcel:  0019C) in the Mixed Use Zone.

ZHB 23-15 – Property Management Enterprises, LLC – requests the Zoning Hearing Board’s decision be extended to obtain a building permit or use certificate until September 27, 2024 in reference to the granted variance §150-65.A to increase the density of a proposed multiple-family dwelling from the allowable 23 units to 24 units on a 2.93-acre parcel located at Lot 4 Weldon Drive (Tax Map:  05; Parcel  0037H) in the R-4 Residential Zone.

All interested parties are invited to attend.  Persons with disabilities may contact the Township office at (717)792-3505 to discuss how to best accommodate your needs.

Thank you.
\s\ Rachelle Sampere
Zoning Officer