We Want to Hear From YOU!!

We Want to Hear From YOU !!!!!!!!

West Manchester Township, like many other Townships, received funds from the American Resue Plan to deal with pandemic-related and other allowable expenses and losses.  While the rules are constantly changing, as of now, funds can be spent in four eligible categories.  These categories are…directly responding to COVID-19 economic impacts, providing premium pay to essential workers, replacing lost revenue due to COVID-19 and making necessary investments in sewer, water and broadband infrastructure.

The West Manchester Township Supervisors and staff are currently evaluating our options on how to best use these funds to benefit the residents of our community, but we want to hear from you!  How do you want to see these funds spent in your community?

Because rules on the expenditure of these funds are constantly evolving, whether your suggestion is currently in an eligible category or not, we want to know what is important to our Township residents.  Even if your suggestion is not currently eligible, it will let your elected leaders know what’s important to you for future projects. So, from infrastructure improvements, police and fire to public recreation options and more, what’s your idea?

Please email your thoughts, suggestions and comments to info@wmtwp.com by December 14th.