Since Penn Waste enacted the suspension of bulk item collection and yard waste collection, we have been getting many inquiries regarding the reasoning behind this suspension. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, as you know, many businesses have been ordered to shut down. Penn Waste is an essential service that must continue operating. Although we must keep operating, our workforce has been limited due to various reasons, including virus concerns by employees, testing for the virus, childcare, etc.

In order to complete our role of removing items that have the largest impact on public health, we as a company, have decided to focus on the collection of waste and recycling only. Bulk item and yard waste collection have little impact on public safety, so these services have been suspended temporarily. While we understand that residents may have a need to dispose of these items, the primary focus of our workforce must be on the collection of waste, and second on recycling.

While it may be an inconvenience for the time being, please encourage residents to hold bulk items. If they absolutely must get rid of these items, consider directing them to your local solid waste authority to see if they are accepting bulk items at this time for drop off.

We would encourage yard waste to be handled at home. There are many ideas for home composting, grass cycling and other ways to handle yard waste on our website and Encourage residents to take a moment to check out these great resources for these items.

All of us here at Penn Waste are doing everything in our power to ensure collections occur. Please be patient with us in this difficult time. Thank you.

**Please Note, residents may take yard waste (ONLY branches, twigs, and small tree stumps) to H&H Excavating in Spring Grove at no cost. You can also take large bulk items to York County Solid Waste Authority on Blackbridge Rd., York, and there is a cost for drop off at this facility.**