On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, the West Manchester Township Board of Supervisors held a special meeting to discuss the sale of the York City Wastewater Treatment Plant, the potential settlement agreement between the Township and Pa American Water regarding maintenance, operation and treatment costs, and the financial impact of these issues on the residents of West Manchester Township.  Attached please find a copy of the proposed agreement between West Manchester Township and Pa American Water Company that was discussed at the aforementioned meeting.  It is anticipated that the Board will consider this agreement for approval at its regularly scheduled meeting of March 24, 2022.  Questions regarding this document may be sent to

LEGAL 56410533v1 PAWC – York_ Execution version – Bulk Agreement between PAWC and West Manchester Township

A preliminary analysis resulted in the realization that an increase in the quarterly sewer rate was going to be necessary and subsequently cause an increased financial burden to our residents. Township staff and Supervisors are committed to easing that burden as much as possible by not passing along the entire PA American rate increase immediately. Please see the link below for this report. Questions regarding this report may be sent to, or you may call the Township office at 717-792-3505.

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