The West Manchester Township Planning Commission will meet in person on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

All interested parties are invited to attend. Persons with disabilities may contact the Township office at (717)792-3505 to discuss how best to accommodate your needs.

The meeting will continue to be live streamed on the West Manchester Township Parks and Recreation Facebook page.  Questions will not be taken live via the Facebook platform at the meeting but individuals may still ask questions in-person or submit questions by noon on Monday, August 9, 2021,  via email to to be answered at the Planning Commission meeting.

Interested parties may view the Planning Commission’s meeting agenda by clicking on the Boards & Committees tab on the Township’s website.

Agenda Items include:

ZHB #21-19 – Kristi & James Swartz – requests an Interpretation of §150-17 Lot Area Requirements and in the alternative a variance of §150-17 to allow one additional dwelling right to be located within the bounds of their existing 41-acre tract of land located at 4730 Graybill Road (Tax Map: HG; Parcel:  0106A) in the Agricultural Zone.

ZHB #21-20 – Joseph DelGiudice, Sr. – requests a variance §150-51 Permitted Uses to allow a second dwelling on the lot above the attached garage located at 2145 Derry Road (Tax Map:  21; Parcel: 214) in the R-3 Residential Zone.

ZHB #-21-21 – Michael Yeaple – requests a variance §150-231.F to allow a driveway with a curb cut exceeding 25 feet (requested 35 feet) and a variance §150-231.H to reduce the required side yard setback for a driveway from the required 2 feet (requested 0 feet) located at 2340 Baker Road (Tax Map: JG; Parcel:  0030) in the R-3 Residential Zone.

ZHB #21-22 – Five Star International, LLC – requests a special exception §150-289 to expand the existing nonconforming use (truck sales, service and repairs) and a variance §150-289.A.2 to expand the existing nonconforming use by more than 25% (requested 40%) located at 2818 West Market Street (Tax Map:  IH; Parcel:  0008A) in the I-2 Light Industrial Zone.

No new subdivision or land development plans were submitted for review at this month’s meeting.